Sunday, January 22, 2006

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Can Creative Writing Be Taught?

My Creative Writing Courses

Other Benefits of Creative Writing Courses


Spot said...

Ok, I've read all the links and am all ready to rush down to MPH to sign up!

Do you think having really bad handwriting and generally having all but forgotten how to grip a pen is going to disadvantage me? :S

bibliobibuli said...

thanks spot. actually no need to rush down to MPH i will let you know what's hapening when i get dates and venue sorted out. hopefully i'll have some news to report by 2nd week of feb.

Jones said...

I really am in need of creative writing very soon... Help.. when is the next one?

Thaatch said...

Just read on the British Council website that you'll be running a creative writing workshop but when I called BC, they said its not begun yet. Will you be doing any other workshops in the future?