Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thumbs Up for Self-Publishing

Judging by the number of self-publishing websites, it may not be long before we reach the tipping point of mass adoption.
Victor Keegan road-tests self-publishing websites in the Guardian and declares that the mainstream publishing companies could be "in line for a much needed shock". He is impressed with Lulu, and Publish and Be Damned. He also mentions the all-inclusive package offered by Grosvenor House.

Closer to home, we have Gary Gan and his G&L Solutions, of course.

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Anonymous said...

If I ever want to publish a book, I am thankful in that I have a sister who is the director of a printing & publishing company that is based in Johor. She was the one who published Karen-AnnTheseira's The Book Project 2 and is in the process of accepting entries for The Book Project 3.

But I have to hone my writing skills first though, especially in the genres that I like - drama-action-adventure - for young adults in the same vein as Anthony Horowitz.

bibliobibuli said...

that's right - you have to do everything you can ensure the quality of what you put out ... and that's the hardest part perhaps now

Anonymous said...

Hi SB!

Out of curiosity, if one wants to publish a book on his or her own - apart from writing etc - what does the person have to look into? KDN? ISBN? etc.

Maybe you can conduct a workshop on this one day!

bibliobibuli said...

not the expert on it ms d - but would recommend that you come along to some of the mph writer's workshops later in the year to find out more info ... as i understand it, self-publishing companies should help you to obtain your ISBN - i know that this is part of gary's service ...

and hey, oon yeoh knows tons more than i do!

Anonymous said...

ISBN can be obtained for free - Go to the website of the National Library, just download the form, print it, fill it in and fax it to the correct dept. They'll fax to you (ususally within the day) with the ISBN number.

One does not need KDN permission to publish a novel (this may have changed though).

bibliobibuli said...

It's exactly as you said Aneeta. I checked the website and found the information under Service to Publishers

bibliobibuli said...

I'm posting up this comment from Jordan because he isn't able to:

I seem to be having a bit of trouble commenting on your blog, since I'm currently behind the Bamboo Curtain and can only access Blogspot blogs via proxy. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for posting about Lulu, that publishing site. I've got so many book ideas in my head that would have festered there due to the general dreariness of the prospects of the traditional publishing world. Now that I've found Lulu, I feel like I can just go ahead and release all of those novels, short stories, and poems out into the world. Even if they really do suck, the big question is: so?

I love it.



Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't Gary Gan the guy who's always playing a nerdy looking guy on TV ?