Thursday, March 30, 2006

KLued Up

KLue resumes its series of Words & Tunes, this time at Borders Bookstores and ... ahem ... I'm part of it:
Borders, Berjaya Times Square (15 April, 3pm onwards)
Music: The Sofa Sessions & Rhapsody
Readings: Dina Zaman
Demonstration: Lomographic Embassy Malaysia

Borders, The Curve (23 April, 3pm onwards)
Music: Couple & Tempered Mental
Readings: Sharon Bakar
Wayang Buku Performance: Fahmi Fadzil with Azmyl Yunor
Am feeling both really happy about it ... and of course, really scared. Wondering which of my half-finished pieces to knock into some kind of reasonable shape ...


q said...

oh cool! i'll be sure to attentd at least the one at the curve :-)

i'm curious about the 'Wayang Buku Performance'.

Unknown said...

I have to come now - have to find out what in heavens is a lomographic performance and yes - what's a wayang buku performance ...

Leon Wing said...

Berjaya place, I can go. But The Curve, not so sure. So if I can't go there, sorry Sharon. Can't u be at Berjaya place as well?

bibliobibuli said...

i have no idea about what a lomographic performance is or a wayang buku either. should be fun finding out.

leon - forgiven, of course, if you can't make it, but curve is not so far from 1 utama (but hey anyway you've heard me read before)

Anonymous said...

sharon if i've not flown off for work on the 23rd i'll be there.

i am already sick to the guts worrying. it's ne thing to read in a small setting like an art gallery, but a book shop?! argh

bibliobibuli said...

ms d - promise to be there for yours too

you will be fine - butn you're right - not an easy environment to read in. something light and funny and immediate would go down best i think, but am trying to wrack my brains to see if i have anything like that

Chet said...


I'll be on my way back to Malaysia at the time of your reading.

*heartwrenching sob*

Anonymous said...


Is this why you're not picking up the phone?

Would love to attend the readings, but Curve is on the other side of the world and I have verylargeshoppingcomplexeson weekendsphobia. Let me know when you have readings at quieter places.

Anonymous said...


Lomography is the art of taking pictures with a cheap camera in such a way that the resulting pictures can be considered an art form. The name comes from a Soviet company that made these cameras.

Anonymous said...

I cannot make it for your reading, Sharon -- have a clashing appointment :( I hope to make it for Dina Zaman's one, though. Used to follow her blog and miss it sorely. Would be cool to get a glimpse of her.