Saturday, May 13, 2006

Index: On Censorship

About Censorship in General:

Every Letter a Bullet, Every Word a Bomb (17/8/05)

About Censorship in Malaysia:

Censorship and Creativity (23/12/04)
Ministry of Muffled Thinking (6/4/05)
Banning Books (12/5/05)
Malaysian Anti-Semitism (11/6/05)
Banned Books (14/10/05)
Contraband Reads (6/12/05)
Brokeback Mountain (18/1/06)
The Lost Communist (13/5/06)
Too Many Amirs and Two Minutes of Fame (23/5/06)
Banned Unbanned Banned (30/5/06)
More Banned Books (19/6/06)
Burgess ... Banned? (23/8/06)
The Malayan Trilogy Run-Around (24/8/06)
Things Surely Falling Apart (4/9/06)
No Book Market for Marriage Market (11/9/06)
What you Already Know (13/9/06)

About Censorship in other South-East Asian Countries

Become a Fully Certified Censor (14/6/06) (About Brunei)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Challenge to you writers in Malaysia: get PEN started!

As a reader I would like the right to read and reflect on writers uncensored views. I would like an environment where writers can write without fear.