Monday, November 09, 2009

Storyteller on a Train

While I'm always moaning about reading campaigns in Malaysia never really taking off in any way that neither I nor the readers of this blog can see, I really applaud the National Library for its latest initiative.

The Star today reports that 90 children were taken on a four-hour train ride filled with story-telling, reading and singing of folk songs aboard KTM’s Sinaran Pagi as a prelude to the 1Malaysia Reading Campaign. During the journey from KL to Gemas in Negri Sembilan, the kids were entertained by singer Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab and Japanese children’s story-teller Saki Sasamori who has been resident in Malaysia for the past 15 years.

I hope this isn't a one off experiment ... it would be so nice to have to have something like this this continue.


Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Dear Sharon,

I would love to see poems to be recited in the morning trains (RapidKL or even KTM) for the passengers.

It reminded of Ian MacMillan who was, during my student days, appointed as the Poet-in Residence of Keighley Railway to write and recite poems on the trains from Shipley to Keighley.

gnute said...

Dr Bubbles what a wonderful idea.

Oxymoron said...

I tried to become a member of the Nat Library a few years ago and they were like asking for two passport-size photos, etc. Such a pain! I hope they have relaxed the rules.

Satima Flavell said...

What a wonderful idea! I wish they would do it here in Oz.

B said...

VIPs sit on chairs, kids sit on floor. But of course.

B said...

Oh sorry I didn't notice the "comment moderation" thing so I thought it didn't show up :P