Monday, January 29, 2007

Space to Read

Was at Central Market Annex today to meet the lovely Pang and look at spaces for the International Readings on 7th.

Renovation work is still going on - there were teams of workmen banging about all over the place, wooden floors were being sanded and varnished, but when the place is finished ... I think it's really going to be a home from home for all in the arts community and I can already think of ways I'd like to occupy some of the rooms!

As for the quest at hand - I took one look at the main gallery on the 2nd floor and declared that this was exactly what I wanted. There is an exhibition on at the moment celebrating the landmarks of New York and Kuala Lumpur. The photography is excellent. Nearly broke my heart all over again over an installation by Caecer Chong showing a huge blow up of Bok House as it was being demolished, with masking tape over all the evidence of mutilation ... as if a sticking plaster could heal the wound. (I got a bit carried away in the guest book and almost ended up writing an essay.) Also very much enjoyed working out what was happening in the Pang's own photos ... hidden in a little side room. And came away educated about landmarks I hadn't realised were landmarks.

Pang cut me a deal for the room hire, logistics were worked out and we celebrated with curry mee in Central Market next door. Am comforted that despite the renovations, this place is as tacky as ever.

Had a really nice wander through Chinatown after that with a visit to my favourite shop - Peter Ho's - which sells all kinds of household treasures, clothes, jewellery and divine cakes.

But an otherwise perfect day was spoiled by my car breaking down and needing the medical services of a tow-truck.

Anyway, the publicity for the event will be out shortly ...


Pang is organising Art Bites a weekend of creative workshops at Central Market Annex for the public on 3rd and 4th February, and has roped in some of KL's top arts practitioners. Sessions include story telling, folk dancing, drumming, creative writing, theatre games, collage art, relaxation techniques and a talk on the history of philosophy.


animah said...

E-mail me. I want to know more!!! Doesn't Pang have a website?

Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, got your email on ArtBites. It's really a great idea and would so love to go but the timing is out for me :( Hope Pang will organize other such events. And the location is good too, I just need to hop onto the komuter, no need to worry about traffic jams.

bibliobibuli said...

animah - keep telling pang to get a website and i guess he will soon, but poor dear is so stressed out with just getting events organised.

lydia - it is a great location, convenient from everywhere with the LRT

animah said...

I am impressed with how much is going on just this weekend. I think I'll go for Lorna's storytelling. A pity Paul's drums are on at the same time. Sara loves taking the LRT so it would be a fun outing for us. And then on to Peter Hoe's ...

pang said...

Hey Guys

You can check it out here:

or at the less clunky link:

Bring more folks! Nothing like doing arty things in a group! Thanks!